Exclusive Administrative Services

I offer other small business solutions and services including administrative assistance, short-term contract office work, and small community organization assistance with a web presence.

Administrative Services

Assistance in-office for small local businesses that do not have a regular staff. 


Public Speaking Engagements

I offer public speaking engagements for community organizations on a variety of topics. Currently speaking on the topics of:

  • (Podcast Guest) What's a Notary and why do I need one.

  • (Community Organizations) Emergency Medical Services - paramedicine and Police Dispatch. What's it like to work in these fields and how do I get started.

  • (Community Organizations & Podcasts) Local <Monterey County> Emergency Medical Services and how to prepare for an emergency at home.

  • (Businesses and Healthcare)  *Free 10-minute training on Notarizations, and how to prepare your staff and clients for service(s).


Web Presence

When your small community organization, school organization, or sports team needs a start-up web presence I can assist you. If your organization has volunteers that are intimidated by WordPress and you need a very simple yet effective site I'm available to aid in design as well as training your volunteers or staff to upkeep the site with minimal time and effort.


Courier Services, Inspections and HOA Elections

You can contact me regarding the above services for pricing. 

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