The Esplanade

Updated: May 19

Introduction: (to guests)

Please be seated. We are gathered here today in the presence of family and friends to celebrate the marriage of BRIDE and GROOM.

Today is a day that BRIDE and GROOM have been thinking about for a long time. Today, their journey as two separate souls comes to an end, and married life begins. We all have so much to be grateful for as we all play a part- large or small - in the success of this relationship. BRIDE and GROOM extended their deepest gratitude to you for being here to support and encourage them as they cross the threshold into a wondrous new chapter of life.


OFFICIANT: (to guests)

With the full support of their newly blended community, BRIDE and GROOM stand ready to declare their commitment to one another. Do you, family and friends stand ready to support this union.

Guests: We do

OFFICIANT: to the couple

Declaration of Intent:

BRIDE/GROOM do you take GROOM/BRIDE to be your lawfully-wedded husband/wife/partner?


GROOM/BRIDE do you take BRIDE/GROOM to be your lawfully-wedded husband/wife/partner?


Ring Exchange:

OFFICIANT: GROOM/BRIDE please take BRIDE/GROOM’s hand in yours. As you place the ring on each other’s wedding finger repeat these words

With this ring I give you my heart

With this ring I share with you my future


By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you lawfully wed. You may now kiss.

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