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Notarial Statistics, Our County, Legislative Info

State of California:

  • approx 165,000 notaries for a population of 39 million residents

Monterey County

  • approx 1130 registered notaries

Monterey County is 3,281 square miles. The County population is 432,977 (2020 Census). We border Santa Cruz, San Benito, Fresno, Kings, *Kern, and San Luis Obispo counties.​

Coastal Communities Populations

  • .​Moss Landing: 31

  • Castroville: 6,332

  • Marina: 21,966

  • Seaside: 34,063

  • Sand City: 320

  • Del Rey Oaks: 1,518

  • Monterey: 28,575

  • Pacific Grove: 15,471

  • Carmel-by-the-Sea: 3,789

Legislative Information

  • AB-1093, the Remote Online Notarization Act was pulled from the Senate Judiciary Committee in June. The bill is dead.

  • AB 2834 Notary Certificate Corrections, pursued by Notary Academy is also dead in committee. This bill will likely continue to be pursued in next years legislative session.

One To Watch

H.R. 3962, the "SECURE Act" could be an issue for notaries nationwide. CLIN - The California League of Independent Notaries has a short and easily understood article on their site regarding the concerns. Some of those concern consumer protections, document security, and mandates all states take up RON/RIN contrary to many states' current statutes.


Supported by Jennifer Schmidt,
Owner of Monterey Bay Notary Pro

Come to an informal meet up on the third Thursday of the month from 12:30 to 1:30. Grab some lunch, connect with other notaries, exchange info, get the inside scoop on side hustles etc.

The Meetings could be just a single other notary, perfect for those in depth conversations. Or, meetings could be a couple of tables full of outgoing small business like-minded notaries and LSA's to discuss the most recent changes, laws, funny occurrences on the job etc.

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